Monthly Ruling

The intention of these pages is to further educate Directors primarily by reference to ‘book rulings’ but with some lesser known aspect of the Laws. These are not ‘trick’ situations, but do require the Director to give some thought to the relevent Law to use, and to then correctly interpret it. I intend to post a new situation each month. In these mostly simulated incidents, our hapless Director will invariably make the wrong (but not unreasonable) decision. It will be up to you to improve the ruling.

Many of the rulings highlight the difference in the 2017 Laws from the previous version – so ensure you are not using the old book.

November 2019 – Illegal Deception

October 2019 – Revoke + Unauthorised Information

September 2019 – Dummy’s Wrong Card

August 2019 – Premature Lead

July 2019 – Opening Lead Out Of Turn – Authorised Information

June 2019 – Player Ignoring Infraction/Calling Director

May 2019 – Fouled Board

April 2019 – Failure To Alert

March 2019 – Declarer’s Lead From Wrong Hand – Defender’s Infringement

February 2019 – Multiple Revokes (Different Players)

January 2019 – Revoke On Twelfth Trick

December 2018 – Call Out Of Rotation/Comparable Call

November 2018 – (Mis) Claim

October 2018 – Missing Card

September 2018 – Opening Bid Out Of Turn

August 2018 – Accepting Opening Lead

July 2018 – Bid Out Of Turn

June 2018 – Player’s Own Ruling

May 2018 – Hidden Card

April 2018 – Lead Out Of Turn

March 2018 – Multiple Revokes (Same Player)

February 2018 – Dropped Card