Inadmissible Double

I am in dispute with some bridge players here in Portugal. Last week my right-hand opponent opened 1NT, I passed, followed by “double” by opener’s partner. I called the Director who agreed with me that this was an invalid bid. Not knowing what else to do the doubler passed and we carried on.

However, the pair are convinced that is a valid (alertable) bid – asking partner to “describe his 1NT hand further”. They are so convinced that I am beginning to doubt myself!

It is invalid, isn’t it?! How should we have proceeded? What is the penalty, if any?

John Cobby – Porthcawl & Portugal

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  1. The bid is certainly invalid – or in technical terms it is an ‘inadmissible double’ – you can’t double partner’s bid (Law 19A1).
    The rectification is covered in Law 36 – the next player is not permitted to accept the inadmissible double; the inadmissible double is cancelled; the offender must submit a legal call (this was done in your case – ‘pass’); offender’s partner must pass whenever it is his turn to call. There also may be lead restrictions on the offender’s partner should they become defenders (Law 26).


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