Official Publications

WBF Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017

WBF Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2017 Gender Neutral Edition

WBU Laws Flow Charts 2017 – Revised November 2019

WBF Laws Commentary 2019

EBU Blue-Book 2017

EBU White-Book-2017

EBU Alerting & Announcements

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Forms for use by Directors

WBU Director’s Expense Claim Form – Revised January 2018

WBU Appeals’ Form

WBU Appeals’ Guidance

WBU Psyche Report Form

WBU Penalty Report Form

Other Documents

Summary Of Law Changes 2017/2007

Basic Tournament Directing (Used For The WBU Basic Training Course)

Quick Guide To Major Rulings

Judgement Rulings – (Excl. Simulations)
(Used For The WBU Advanced Training Course)

Bridge Rulings – The Fundamentals

Bridgemates (by Tony Haworth):