March 2020 – Unable To Comply With Lead Request

With North as declarer in 3NT (1NT – 2♣ – 2 – 3NT), West makes the opening lead of the K (out-of-turn).


The Director explains to North the usual five options, and North chooses to ask East to lead a diamond. East now states that he has no diamonds, so the Director refers to Law 59 – ‘Inability To Lead Or Play As Required – A player may play any otherwise legal card if he is unable to lead or play as required to comply with a rectification, whether because he holds no card of the required suit, or because he has only cards of a suit he is prohibited from leading, or because he is obliged to follow suit.’ East now leads his ♠Q, and the Director advises West that he must still leave the K on the table as a penalty card.