2NT Opening

Could you please advise me on whether it is permissible to open 2NT showing either both minors or both majors. I believe this is a part of Modified Precision as played by the Hacketts.

Bill Turner – Bridgend

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  1. Hi Bill

    What you can and can’t open is detailed in the EBU Blue Book (adopted by the WBU). Also what kind of competition you are playing in can have some affect.

    With regard to your specific query, if playing in a Level 2 competition it would not be allowed (Level 2 covers novice and no-fear type events). However in the more usual Level 4 (adopted by most clubs), we need to look at…

    Blue book 7C1b(iv) which relates to opening 2-level bids, states:
    Any combination of meanings that show either or both of
    1) At least five cards in a suit, specified or not, which must not be the suit opened, and/or
    2) At least 5-4 in two suits, either or both of which may be specified or not, but both of which must not be the suit opened.

    Also specifically for 2NT, the explanatory notes state:

    For an opening bid of 2NT, (b)(i) is not applicable and for (b)(iv) there are no restrictions on which suit(s) may be shown.

    So 2NT showing both minors or both majors would be allowed as per (2) above (but would need to be alerted).

    You are correct in that the Modified Precision system as played by Jason Hackett and Simon Clarke (and others), shows either 5-9 points both minors, at least 5-5; or 11-15 points both majors, exactly 5-5. They also include a third option of showing a club pre-empt (this complies with 7C1b(iv)1 above).

    I beieve that Standard Precision retains the opening 2NT as 22-23 points.


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