June 2020 – Declarer’s Inadvertant Play

(Based On A Simulation From EBL Workshop – Belfast)

With South the declarer in 1NT, West leads 3. Declarer calls for the ‘Jack’ from dummy, East plays Q, and declarer plays K.

North now says ‘No hearts partner – but you opened 1NT’.

South – ‘Sorry I thought the lead was a diamond, and I was actually playing the J from dummy’.


The Director assesses the situation and tells South that he will apply Law 46 ‘Incomplete Or Invalid Designation Of A Card From Dummy’, and moreover 46A basically states that if it is clear that declarer didn’t intend to play the J, he can replace that card with J. East will be allowed to replace his card, and declarer must now withdraw the K and follow suit with a heart. Play would then continue as normal.